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The Guardians by AncientGrove The Guardians by AncientGrove
Here is my finished Guardian series. All these designs are based off differnet natural environments.
First is Grassland, made from 100% silk, some of which is tea dyed.
Second is Forest, felted wool with a cheesecloth secondary structure underneath. Moss, leaves and sticks have been felted into the piece as well.
Third is Coastal. Shibori dyed 100% silk, with shell and driftwood details.
Last one is Mountains. Hand dyed cotton, as well as underlayers of mixed fibres, sewn in many layers and then cut to add depth. Hand painted with acrylic paints. Shoulder armor is handmade paper painted with acrylics.
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abbylentz Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
The Grasslands one is simply amazing! Congratulations, really. It's amazing cx I especially love the how the bodice is woven.
MeleeGypsy Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow awesome!
aurora-crow Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
all of them beautiful!
WynDSkaunt Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008   Interface Designer
My goodness that's gorgeous. I would so love to see them on live models.
LemonySunDrops Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
how long did it take to make all these?
carolin54323 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
I love Grasslands and Forest, the woven body section (is there a word for that?) on Grasslands is lovely, and the skirt is is really fitting, with all those ribbons strips giving a grass effect. I think there might be a little too much purple in the coastal dress as it doesn't seem to go with the earthier tones and the greens in it, but in terms of form, it is absolutely stunning. The mountain cloak is very nice, but I think that the jagged shoulder things are a bit over the top, and ruin the effect.
Seleneprincess Featured By Owner May 13, 2007
I love Forest ans Coastal,very good job!!!
nannahs Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007
this is just stunning. not only are there very few clothing series using environments, but there are even fewer with this attention to detail!
hoshisan Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2007
I have just one word to say....WOWWWWW good job really
darkhaloangel Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2007
Wow the two costumes in the middle are amazing x x
fortysecondarcha Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
i remember seeing the grasslands one a long time ago, and thinking it was pretty. All four together are stunning! nice contrasts, in color and texture. I think my very favorite is the forest one (though I am biased- I do so like forests) - the lines and textures and colors all meld beautifully.

the only thing I might suggest is that to me the mountains outifit doesn't quite seem to fit in with the rest of them. The colors and testures are good, but where the others have swooping hemlines, the mountain one is straight. Does that make sense? I'm sorry, I don't wuite know how to make myself clear...
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April 15, 2007
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